SSR Command in Sabre PNR – Special Service Request Command in Sabre

SSR Command in Sabre PNR: Discover the SSR Command in Sabre PNR with expert insights and FAQs. Learn how to efficiently use this vital feature for a seamless travel experience.

In the fast-paced world of travel and tourism, Sabre PNR (Passenger Name Record) systems are the unsung heroes that ensure everything runs smoothly. One crucial tool in this system is the SSR Command, a term you might have come across if you’re in the travel industry.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the SSR Command in Sabre PNR, exploring its significance, functionalities, and practical applications.

SSR Command in Sabre PNR

SSR Command in Sabre PNR: If the passenger has special services request like Meal Request, Seat Request or others that require the airline to give you a confirmation, you will need to use Special Service Requests or SSR for such requests. The request has to be made using the 4-letter codes accepted by the airline concerned.

The function identifier for SSR is “3”.



As the SSR item is segment and name related, when the segment or the passenger(s) are cancelled, the corresponding SSR items will also be cancelled. SSR Command in Sabre PNR

Commonly Used SSR Codes

SSR Command in Sabre PNR: Commonly Used SSR Codes are a crucial part of various industries, including healthcare, finance, and insurance. They play a vital role in categorizing and processing data efficiently. Understanding SSR codes is essential for professionals in these fields, as they impact daily operations and decision-making processes.

Meal SSR Codes

AVMLIndian Vegetarian Meal
BBMLInfant / Baby food
BLMLBland / soft Meal
CHMLChild Meal
DBMLDiabetic Meal
FPMLFruit Platter
GFMLGluten–free Meal
HFMLHigh Fiber Meal
HNMLHindu (non-vegetarian) Meal
KSMLKosher Meal
LCMLLow Calorie Meal
LFMLLow Cholesterol, Low Fat Meal
LPMLLow Protein Meal
LSMLLow Sodium (no salt added) Meal
MOMLMuslim Meal
NLMLNon-Lactose Me
ORMLOriental Meal
PRMLLow Purine Meal
RVMLRaw Vegetarian Meal
SFMLSeafood Meal
SPMLSpecial meal requirement not covered by specific
VGMLVegetarian Meal (non-dairy)
VJMLVegetarian Meal (Jain)
VLMLVegetarian Meal (lacto-ovo)
VOMLVegetarian Meal (Oriental)

Seat SSR Codes

BSCTBassinet / carrycot / baby basket
EXSTExtra Seat
NSSANo Smoking Aisle Seat
NSSBNo Smoking Bulkhead Seat
NSSTNo Smoking Seat
NSSWNo Smoking Seat Window
RQSTSeat request with specific seat number or preference
SMSASmoking aisle seat
SMSTSmoking seat
SMSWSmoking window seat

Wheelchair SSR Code

STCRStretcher passenger
WCHRWheelchair – R for ramp.
Passenger can ascend/descend steps and make own
way to/from cabin seat
WCHSWheelchair – S for steps
Passenger cannot ascend/descend steps and must be
carried up/down steps
WCHCWheelchair – C for cabin seat.
Passenger completely immobile

Other SSR Code

CHLDChild’s Date of birth
INFTInfant’s Date of birth
AVIHAnimal in Hold – specify details
BLNDBlind passenger – specify if accompanied by seeing-eye dog
BULKBulky baggage – specify number, weight, size, if
CBBGCabin baggage
CKINProvides information for airport personnel for
passenger handling at departure time for which no
other SSR code exists and does not require a reply
COURCommercial courier. When known, add the name of
the commercial courier company and the weight of the commercial courier baggage accompanied by such courier
DEAFDeaf passenger – specify if accompanied by hearing
DEPADeportee – accompanied by an escort
DPNAPassenger intellectually disabled or with developmental disability
FRAGFragile baggage – specify number, weight, size, if
LANGSpecify language(s) spoken
MAASMeet and Assist – specify details
MEDAMedical Case – call the airline for special handling
OTHSRequires action but no representative SSR code
PETCAnimal in cabin – specify details
SEMNShip’s crew – seaman
SPEQSport equipment – specify type of equipment, number, weight, size, if known
TWOVTransit / transfer without visa
UMNRUnaccompanied Minor
XBAGExcess baggage – specify number, weight, size, if

Create SSR Item – Meal Request

Step 1: Select PNR Services from Helper Apps

SSR Command in Sabre PNR

Step 2: Select the passenger and a particular segment or the whole itinerary then the Type of Meal.

Upon clicking the “ADD” icon, system will send the entry as follows:

Entry: 3LFML1-1.1

SSR Command in Sabre PNR

3Function identifier
LFMLRequest for Low Fat Meal for all segments
-1.1Passenger name item 1.1

3BBML1 – 4.1Request for Baby Meal for segment 1 for the infant. However, the request has to be associated with an Adult 4.1 is the name item number of Adult passenger
3LSML 1,3 -2.1Request for Low Salt Meal for segment 1 and 3 for Pax 2.1
3LCML -2.2Request for Low Calories Meal for all segments for Pax 2.2
3SFML -2.3,3.1Request for Seafood Meal for all segments for Pax 2.2 and 3.1
3SFML -0Request for Seafood Meal for all seg & all Paxs (name item number is “0”). Please note that “0” only applicable for PNR without INFANT.
BEEF -1.1, 2.3
Request for special meal with details as remark for seg 1 & 4, Pax 1.1 & 2.3 Please note that SPML should only be used when the request would not be described by any existing SSR code
DU*/SPMTo check applicable SPECIAL MEAL code
DU*/SPM¥CXTo check applicable SPECIAL MEAL code to a specific airline e.g. CX

Other Requests (OTHS)

For other non-seat or non-meal requests, you may use OTHS code in your SSR entry.



3Function Identifier for SSR
1Segment 1
// – separator and follows with free text remark
How to Display SSR Item in Sabre

Entry: *P3S

Sample Response:

SSR Command in Sabre PNR

How to Remove Or Cancel SSR Item in Sabre

Remove / Delete SSR item

  • This remove / delete SSR function is only applicable prior or before End Transaction.
  • This delete SSR (same entry command as OSI) will not generate any SSR cancellation message to the airline. This will only remove SSR item from the face of Sabre PNR.
32¤Remove item 2 in the GENERAL FACTS
31-3¤Remove item 1,2 3 in the GENERAL FACTS
31,3,6¤Remove item 1,3 and 6 in the GENERAL FACTS

Cancel SSR item

  • Cancellation entry will initiate a Cancellation message to the airline
  • This entry is used after end transaction.
  • When a segment or passenger name is cancelled, the associated SSR item is automatically cancelled by the system.

32.XXCancel item 2 in General Facts
31-3.XXCancel item 1,2 and 3 in General Facts
31,3,6.XXCancel item 1,3 and 6 in General Facts
How to Modify SSR in Sabre

If a passenger wants to change his/her request, you will need to cancel the existing request before making a new request.

How to Update SSR Status Code in Sabre

Upon the receipt of the reply from the airline on your SSR request, you may use the following entry to update the status of the SSR.

Entry: 32. HK

Explanation: Update the status code of item 2 of the SSR to HK status.


SSR Command in Sabre PNR: Commonly Used SSR Codes are an integral part of various industries, simplifying processes, improving efficiency, and ensuring accurate communication.

Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, or insurance, understanding these codes is essential for a successful career. We hope this guide has shed light on the significance of SSR codes and their applications in different sectors.

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