Sabre Segment Status Code

Sabre Segment Status Code: The status code associated to segments in an itinerary can be grouped into the following 3 categories: Action Code, Status Code, and Reply Code.

Besides travel agents, airlines may make changes to the PNR. These will be reflected in the Reply Code of the segment concerned. If an airline has taken over the ownership of a PNR, changes made in the airline system will not be reflected in the Sabre system. This is one of the causes of the PNR non-synchronization.

Sabre Segment Status Code

Sabre Segment Action Code

Explanation: Used when selling segment.

Commonly used codesDESCRIPTION
NNNeed segment
LLWaitlist segment
DSDesires Segment – used for open dated segment
GKPassive Confirmed segment
GLPassive Waitlisted segment

Sabre Segment Status Code

Explanation: Used by system to reflect the current status of the segment.

Commonly used codesDESCRIPTION
SSSeat Sold
HKHolding Confirmed
LLSeat Waitlisted
HLHolding Waitlist
USUnable to accept sale, has been waitlisted
UUUnable to confirm, has been waitlisted
PNPending Need
HNHolding Need
UCUnable to confirm or waitlist
UNUnable, flight not operating

Sabre Segment Reply Code

Explanation: Used by airlines advising changes to the segment.

Commonly used codesDESCRIPTION
KKCarrier confirmed the requested segment
KLConfirmed from waitlist
TKSchedule change for confirmed segment showing new schedule
TLSchedule change for waitlisted segment
SCSchedule change – applicable only for AA (American
HXSegment was cancelled by carrier.
NONo action was taken on the segment.
Some airlines use NO to inform that a specific segment has been cancelled in the airline system.


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