The Best Way to Enter Sabre PNR Retention Line – Sabre Retention Line Entry

Sabre PNR Retention Line Command: Explore the Sabre PNR Retention Line, a vital tool for efficient travel management. Learn how it benefits travelers and travel agencies alike.

In the fast-paced world of travel management, efficiency is the key to success. One such efficiency-boosting tool is the Sabre PNR Retention Line. In this article, we’ll delve deep into this innovative solution, designed to streamline travel management. Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or a professional in the industry, understanding the Sabre PNR Retention Line can significantly enhance your travel experience or service delivery.

Sabre PNR Retention Line Command

A PNR will be completely purged from the system, 48 hours after the last segment is scheduled or flown. If that segment is cancelled, it will continue to be the segment that determines the date in which the PNR will be completely purged. If the PNR is required longer than this period, you may create miscellaneous segment information to retain the PNR. This segment will be printed on the itinerary printout.

To check the maximum 331 days, use this entry:

ENTRY: T¤19NOV¥331

T¤Function Identifier
19NOVThe date the PNR was created
331Number of days that you wish to retain the PNR

Sample Response:

To add PNR Retention Segment:


0OTHYYHK1SINMandatory Function Identifier and qualifier
16OCTUp to what date you wish to retain the PNR
PNR RETENTIONMiscellaneous information that must be added

Sample Response:

  • The PNR Retention segment will be part of the Itinerary Field.
  • PNR Retention is used to keep the PNR for some period of time for future reference only.
  • Should a passenger wish to travel again, it is not advised to reuse an existing PNR with PNR Retention and with all flight segments used. Please create a new PNR for such cases.


Q: Who can access the Sabre PNR Retention Line?
A: Authorized users, such as travel agents and airlines, can access the Sabre PNR Retention Line. Access is restricted to ensure data security.

Q: Can travelers access the Sabre PNR Retention Line?
A: Travelers typically don’t have direct access to the Sabre PNR Retention Line. They interact with travel agents or airlines, who use the system on their behalf.

Q: How does the Sabre PNR Retention Line improve travel efficiency?
A: The system streamlines booking and management processes, reducing administrative burdens on travel professionals and ensuring travelers receive real-time updates.

Q: Is Sabre PNR Retention Line available worldwide?
A: Yes, the Sabre Global Distribution System, including the PNR Retention Line, is available internationally, making it a valuable tool for global travel management.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with using the Sabre PNR Retention Line?
A: Costs may vary depending on the user’s agreement with Sabre. Travel agencies and airlines usually have specific pricing arrangements.

Q: Can travelers make changes to their itineraries using the Sabre PNR Retention Line?
A: Typically, travelers cannot make direct changes. They need to contact their travel agents or airlines for modifications.


The Sabre PNR Retention Line is a game-changer in the world of travel management. It empowers travel agents and agencies to provide efficient, reliable, and personalized services to their clients. By centralizing travel data and facilitating real-time updates, this system ensures that travelers have a smooth and stress-free experience.

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