How to check Minimum Connecting Time in Sabre

Minimum Connecting Time in Sabre: This function allows a user to verify the minimum connecting time for connecting flight segments in itinerary. The entry below can also be made prior to an end transaction on a newly created PNR.

In Sabre, Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) refers to the minimum amount of time required between two connecting flights at a specific airport to ensure a smooth and timely transfer for passengers. To check the Minimum Connecting Time for a particular airport, you can follow these steps:

Check Minimum Connecting Time in Sabre

Please note that Minimum Connecting Times can vary depending on the airport, airline, and specific circumstances, so it’s essential to verify this information for each specific itinerary. Additionally, it’s advisable to ensure that passengers have sufficient time for their layovers to prevent any potential travel disruptions.


Sample Response 1:

Sample Response 2:

VCT*1/2Verify multiple segments
VCT*1-4Verify range of segments

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