How to check availability in Sabre command? – Sabre Availability Command

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How to check availability in Sabre command?

City Pair Availability (CPA) displays flight information for air transportation offered between two cities. All participating carriers’ availability are displayed equally and all subject to the same display factors. City pair availability may be made up to 331 days in advance.

City Pair Availability


1Function Identifier
01APRDeparture Date
MNLHNLMNL – origin airport; HNL – arrival airport
¥UA¥  use for City Pair Availability; UA – specific airline

Sample Response:

Explanation of the response:

C9 D9 G0Number of seats shown after the booking class code.
2255 0445¥1¥1 – plus one day arrival indicator
¥1 0640 1755 -1¥1 – plus one day departure indicator; – 1 – less one day arrival indicator


  • The above explanation for the response is partial only and highlights the key points. Details are already explained in Air Schedule.
  • City Pair Availability is also known as General Availability which the display starts at line 1.
  • City Pair Availability is applicable only to airline on DCA, DC, AB, NO CODE and Basic Booking Request Participation Level. Refer to Levels of Participation Chapter for more details.

City Pair Availability Entries

Sample FormatDescription
120MAYTPELAX9A or 120MAYTPELAX0900Specify estimated departure time
123FEBSINKUL¥MHSpecify specific airline
128MARYYZSIN9ANRTSpecify connecting city
115JUNSINLHR¥SQ-ESpecify specific booking class
121JULCPHSIN/DSpecify only direct flights
128AUGSINBRU9AFRA¥JL-MCombined qualifiers
119SEPSINHND.¥SQSpecify Airlines not showing Codeshare flights
107DECSINNYC¥SQ//BBSpecify Airline and Cabin Category
YB – Economy SB – Premium Economy
BB – Business JB – Premium Business
FB – First PB – Premium First

Sabre Shortcut Command

Shortcut EntriesDescription
1*Display more availability
1*CDisplay more Booking Classes
1*OADisplay original availability
1*RRedisplay last availability
1¥1Request availability for next day (max. 30 days)
1-1Request availability for previous day
122NOVRequest an alternate date
1*12PRequest an alternate time
1.Request availability hiding all codeshare flight options
1HKGRequest for a specific connection city
1¥CXRequest for specific carrier
1-TRequest for specific class
1/DDisplay direct flights only
1R29NOVDisplay return availability different date
1R6PDisplay return availability – same day 6PM
1R¥5Display return availability 5 days later
1//YBDisplay availability for Economy Class Cabin
1//SBDisplay availability for Premium Economy Class Cabin
1//BBDisplay availability for Business Class Cabin
1//JBDisplay availability for Premium Business Class Cabin
1//FBDisplay availability for First Class Cabin
1//PBDisplay availability for Premium First Class Cabin
City Pair Availability Mask

STEP 1: Click on Point and Click at Helper Apps Area

STEP 2: Complete the Mask

Click on “Go” to get the City Pair Availability

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